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Find out about our bespoke personal training and our popular nutritional services

Weight Loss

Aileen Goldie Personal Training provides an extremely popular range of personal training services to clients looking to lose excess weight, or significantly improve the definition of their bodies.

As someone who previously went through a weight loss journey of my own, I am able to offer my clients real experience behind the programme that I run, as well as understanding just how important the motivation that only a one-to-one personal training session can provide.

Muscle Gain

Whether you want to tone up, bulk up, or are in full swing preparing for your next powerlifting event, Aileen Goldie Personal Training will give you tailored workout sessions and constant motivation to ensure your aspirations are realised.

Sessions outside, in your own home or elsewhere can all be arranged at a time to fit in with the rest of your daily schedule.

For more information on our muscle gain services, or any of the other services that Aileen Goldie Personal Training offers, please contact me.

Nutrtitional Advice

Our nutritional advice programme has become so popular that we've dedicated an entire page to it here. Aileen Goldie Personal Training's nutrition and dietary services are produced by someone who has been through their own journey of fitness and healthy eating (see 'My Journey').

We have had a massive amount of positive feedback from clients who've followed the recipes, snack tips and general nutritional advice, with many reporting increased energy levels and a general feeling of improved overall health.

Weight Maintenance

Once someone has reached their weight loss target it is all too easy to lose the discipline developed during the period of weight loss, which is why weight maintenance can become such a struggle. Weight maintenance is also crucially important to clients who have gained muscle mass and are looking to tailor their programme in order to maintain their physique.

Aileen Goldie Personal Training delivers bespoke sessions designed specifically to target this common issue, as well as providing some targetted nutritional advice to supplement the effects of our proven exercise regimes.

For details on the many other services that Aileen Goldie Personal Training offers, contact me today to find out more!