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Information on our bespoke nutrition plans, as well as general guidance on eating healthily

Eat Well Plate

Nutrition and Dietary Services

As well as bespoke personal training services, I offer a wealth of nutritional advice to clients to complement their exercise routines.

The nutritional insight starts with establishing your basic metabolic rate, in order to work out how many calories your body is likely to burn in a day. From this, I can supply you with many relevant recipes and snack ideas, none of which are reliant on the traditional fad-type diets of shakes or ridiculous cut-backs of almost every food conceivable.

Instead, my nutritional guidance is tailored to those individuals who want to achieve measurable and consistent progress, whilst eating healthily, and most importantly, not beyond their means. Having been on my own weight loss journey, I'm only too aware of how being on a permanent diet can be one of the most destructive approaches to real and sustainable weight loss.

Through a combination of personal training and bespoke nutritional advice, I'll help to show you how losing weight isn't all about not having treats - it's about balance and steady ongoing progress.

My advice is very realistic and easy to take in. The weight you lose will stay off because it's specific for your body. I'll provide all the knowledge you need to perfectly compliment your exercise regime.

The Eatwell Plate

The Eatwell Plate is endorsed by almost every major health organisation in the UK and is used by many in the NHS to try and show how simple it can be to eat the correct balance of foods as part of a healthy lifestyle.

My nutritional advice builds on this by offering clients their own bespoke recipes and snack ideas tailored to their personal food preferences. All of my recipes are easy to get to grips with, using readily obtainable ingredients that won't cost the earth!

If you've struggled with diets in the past you may well find that this seemingly simple philosophy works wonders for your ambitions. Contact me today to find out more.