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My Journey

See how it all started, and why I've got the first hand experience to help you achieve your goals

Aileen Goldie's Weight Loss Journey

Feel like you're at the start of a long fitness journey? Don't worry, I've been there.

Hi there, and welcome to my site. If you're new to this, I'm Aileen, and the photos above show the difference a matter of months made to my overall health when I decided it was time to change. If you've read this far, you're probably looking to change too, so read on.

A personal trainer who's been in the same place as you...

Having been on my own fitness journey to get to the point I am now, I know I have the relevant first-hand knowledge and tips that will make the difference in your own journey, maximising your fitness successes in the future.

I'm only too used to the frustration physical exhaustion of going from unfit to fit, unhealthy to healthy. I haven't looked back though, and I now love putting every minute I can spare towards helping other people achieve these same goals.

Even if you've tried (and failed) to get fit or to lose weight in the past, don't be downhearted. My personal training sessions are totally bespoke to each client and focus on achieving exactly the goals that you want to.

Whether what's above sounds exactly like you, or you're looking for some extra help with training towards a key fitness milestone such as a marathon, half marathon or triathlon, I will be there every step of the way with the best knowledge, insight and motivation I can provide.

My Journey

I have always been a big eater and loved my food. I was never skinny but I was lucky enough to never be overweight. I have always been sporty and was passionate about dance and running.

However, when I turned 17 I began to live a student lifestyle, I had more independence so I was drinking at the weekends and had more freedom with food. I began to pile on the weight despite doing large amounts of exercise. It was so hard to understand how I could no longer eat what I wanted and I was so unhappy with my size.

I would go into shops and only want to buy certain clothes. Picking an outfit for an event would be a very quick task. I would only wear one type of dress that I thought I looked ok in. It covered me up in the areas I hated and pulled me in at the waist. I would only wear baggy clothes and I was miserable. I then began to eat ‘healthily’ which included huge portion sizes and gorging on foods that are good for you but in small amounts like nuts and dried fruit.

The weight continued to pile on. At this point I was trying to get into dance college and was being turned away by colleges for reasons like “you may need to face you’ll never be a dancer because of your size”. It broke my heart and all I wanted was to prove them wrong. I needed to do something about it so I decided to join WeightWatchers. This was the best decision I have ever made. It was so hard to begin with but with small changes it became much easier. I started learning about portion sizes and what was ok to drink and eat at the weekends/dinners out.

With help and encouragement from my mum (she joined too and it changed her life) and my leader, Cathy I met my goal weight. Throughout this journey I was still dancing, running and training. A year after meeting my goal I was still there. My next step in life was that I wanted to follow my dreams of studying in London. I knew that if I could lose 2 stone and keep it off I could make it to London. That’s what I did, after many knockbacks and horrible auditions once again, I got a place at London Theatre School.

The biggest test was moving away from home and out of my comfort zone with food. However, I learnt to cook and eat well on my own without weight watchers classes. My passion for training and the gym became even bigger and I was active at least 24 hours of the week. After I had finished in London I was 2 years at my goal weight and still making good choices. I then decided that I wanted to help other people. Exercise to me is like therapy. Whenever I am feeling down or anxious I just need to train and my mood improves.

I wanted to let other people have this feeling too as well as guiding them to eat the right foods to provide weight loss/muscle gain. I am so passionate about my job and clients because I know how they feel. I never want to be in the position I was 3 years ago again and I am determined to show people that they never have to be either. I agree that you cannot sell and promote a product unless you have tried it and believe in it. I believe in my clients and will always do everything I can to help because I have been there, together we can do this.

Let me take you on your own journey, tailor made for you and your lifestyle.